iSMovie L


Software video player in the L version

The video player software iSMovie L is ideal for the play back of digital videos on a PC. Installed on a customary PC the software turns it into a hard disc player that can play back all common video formats and images.
Its main advantage becomes evident when the player is used in cooperation with the iSMaster media control. As this, it is easy to script which title should be played at which interaction and to which film scene should be skipped and which playlist should be loaded and much much more ...

As the M version the L version provides functionality to read or send a time code and thus to create perfect synchronicity with other films or light and sound sequences.

Moreover, the L version allows to warp the video in real-time so that it can be projected onto surfaces that are not plane. Likewise it allows to render a soft edge transition into the video image in real-time.



  • Compatibility: Win XP, Win7, Win 8, 32 and 64 Bit
  • Define window size and position
  • Define film size and position
  • Generate playlists (with pauses)
  • Skipping in film ( incl. A-B loops)
  • Event on reaching a film position
  • Background images and background base color
  • Define volume and balance
  • Configure renderer
  • Reading and generating
  • time code
  • Video warping
  • Softedge blending