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Breuningerland – Ludwigsburg, 2021

For the revitalization of the shopping center Breuningerland in Ludwigsburg, the company Breuninger decided to cooperate with the company inSynergie as a partner for media technology. The main part of the renovation, which extends over all floors of the 2300 sqm sales store for high-quality clothing, are the free-standing LED walls, which inSynergie designed and manufactured especially for Breuninger. The front side of the LED walls is equipped with LED elements with 0.9mm pixel pitch, the back side has a lightbox. Additionally, monitors were installed in the checkout area and the dressing rooms.

End customer: Breuninger

Carl Bosch Museum – Heidelberg, 2021

The new special exhibition at the Carl Bosch Museum focuses on "Germany's mineral resources".
The exhibition takes a closer look at the mineral resources of the four raw material groups: stones and earths, industrial minerals, metals and energy raw materials. Mineral resources were selected that are still being extracted in Germany today in particular.
Theme islands answer other overarching big questions: How do we deal with our raw materials? Are we running out of raw materials? And where do the raw materials come from if they are not mined in Germany?
Interactive hands-on exhibits such as lifting experiments and digital exhibits with films and quizzes invite visitors to try things out, discover, discuss and guess together.

End customer: Carl Bosch Museum

Video Wall Erlebnisportal Weimar – Weimar, 2021

In line with the state tourism strategy 2025, the state of Thuringia is promoting the establishment of "experience portals" at various locations of high tourist significance. Based on these, attention is to be drawn to the diversity and beauty of Thuringia's cultural landscape and encouraged to visit many other interesting places.
Inside the Weimar Experience Portal, seven short films are presented on two giant video walls to draw attention to the selected tourist destinations in Thuringia. Seven corresponding audio features serve as wayfinding accompaniment.

End customer: Experience portal Weimar

Technopolis Partnerzone – Mechelen, 2021


Technopolis, the Flemish technology education center in Mechelen, opened its new immersive digital space Partnerzone with the exhibition "Zeekracht" (Sea Power).
Visitors are immersed in an underwater world and experience first-hand what a future could look like in which the power of the sea is used sparingly while protecting marine life. Immediately upon entering the immersive space, projections on the interactive walls and floor create the impression of being on the ocean floor. Fish swim around and the floor moves with the tides.
Visitors are given the opportunity to build wind turbines on the interactive walls, protect whales from underwater noise, and create waves themselves to generate energy. On a large interactive projection table, they learn what the port of the future may look like, how the port's enormous energy needs will be met by renewable energy, and how ships will be fueled with electricity or hydrogen.
The entire planning of the exhibition and the immersive space was created and executed by inSynergie together with the company Yipp in cooperation. The media technology, consisting among others of more than 20 projectors, audio and camera technology as well as the exhibit construction was part of the contract. The comprehensive media control is carried out via the NeuroomNet control software.

End customer: Technopolis Mechelen

City History Osnabrück – Osnabrück, 2021


Many digital stations await visitors to the new "City Traces" exhibition at the Museum of Cultural History in Osnabrück, where they can experience the negotiations for the Peace of Westphalia as a large-scale animation and listen to the stories of influential Osnabrück personalities such as Justus Möser and Alwine Wellmann. With the interactive 3D city model visitors can explore the development of the city from the germ cell to the present and become city planners with the digital model "Osnabrück of the Future". inSynergie programmed and installed a variety of interactive media stations for the new permanent exhibition.

End customer: Museum of Cultural History, Museumsquartier Osnabrück

Deutsches Gartenbaumuseum - Erfurt, 2021

The German Horticultural Museum on the grounds of the Federal Horticultural Show (Buga) in Erfurt recently opened with a new permanent exhibition. Germany's only horticultural museum in the historic citadel Cyriaksburg opens up the topic of horticulture in its facets for visitors of different age groups with a new multimedia exhibition.

On about 1600 square meters of exhibition space, it houses 4000 exhibits on horticulture and garden art. Two-thirds of the exhibition area was completely redesigned for the Buga and equipped with multimedia stations.

In the first room, for example, lively portraits of the pioneers of horticulture welcome visitors and explain their own role in horticulture. In the venerable rooms, Christian Reichart, who established Erfurt's reputation as a city of flowers, is just as present as Gregor Mendel, Rose-Marie Wörner or the horticultural engineer of the future. And because it is also about the garden as a place of longing, as paradise, as the beginning of all development, Adam and Eve are also present.

End customer: German Horticultural Museum Erfurt

Erlebniswelt Thüringen (BuGa Außenstandort) - Erfurt, 2021

In the building of the former Defension Barracks on the Petersberg in Erfurt, an innovative and identity-forming presentation of Thuringia was created on the occasion of the Federal Garden Show 2021.

The structure of the exhibition is assigned to the three core themes that make up Thuringia's identity: Nature, Local Color and Cultural History. With the help of digital and analog companions and affectionate exhibits a balanced relationship between information transfer and emotionalization is created. Together with 7places, DIA-Dittel Architekten is responsible not only for the spatial concept but also for the digital and analog content of the exhibition. inSynergie contributed the programming and media technology.

End customer: Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

Exhibition um:welt - Regensburg, 2021


In 2021, the "um:welt"- Bavaria's first energy education center will open in Regensburg on an area of over 600 square meters. With its interactive methods and involving all the senses, the information and experience center conveys to visitors not only knowledge and awareness regarding energy and climate protection, but above all motivation and enthusiasm for sustainable living.

The idea and concept for the "um:welt" energy education center came from the Regensburg Energy Agency. An internationally experienced specialist office for museums and exhibitions, C4 Berlin, was commissioned to plan the implementation.

The media technology and exhibit construction were carried out by inSynergie GmbH.

End customer: Regensburg Energy Agency

Wissenskuben - Konstanz, 2021

Under the working title Wissenskubus (Knowledge Cube), the University of Konstanz conceived a mobile exhibition: several pentagonal sculptures equipped with monitors and designed to operate outdoors will be set up at various locations in Konstanz. If you sit down in one of the cube elements, you can meet digital images of researchers of the university, who present themselves and their current research projects. The content on the cube is interactive and the presented stories can be renewed again and again via a CMS.

End customer: University of Konstanz