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Account Planning Media Technology

Our account planning is done with the knowledge from many multimedia projects worldwide. This knowhow is needed to install complex and extensive multimedia equipment that has to work failure-free in long-term usage.

Analysis of demand

To create a media construction that corresponds to the wishes of the end customer and that is of maximum use, an extended analysis of the expectations, the potential users and the local circumstances is required.
As professional planners for multimedia we gladly support your designers and architects.


In the beginning the architect’s planning is needed. Based on this the interior designers and the planners for building services installations (electrical engineering, heating installation, etc.) can prepare their plans. Considering these plans we create a concept for the implementation of the previously determined demand. Thus you receive a concrete cost estimate for the multimedia technology. After further agreements the process planning can begin.

Process planning

As soon as the concept is agreed upon and final approval is given, we start with a detailed planning of the devices. Even though we naturally often employ inSynergie products, we always plan to the benefit of the project independent from the provider and always employ the devices that fit the special demands of the project best.

In this phase also the documents for the execution of the project are created: constructional drawings, electric diagrams, cable installation diagrams, etc. This requires extensive coordination with the other subsections.

In the end a contract specification for a call for proposals is created.

Comparison of suppliers


In constrained calls for proposals we consult you to choose qualified installation companies and with the evaluation of the contract specifications we support you to find the suiting installer.

Management of the installation

As an office where the staff members for media technology, design and construction ideally complement each other, we offer our customers the full scope to realize their installation.

From the first idea over the process planning and the supervision of all subsections to the approvals and dealing with claim-management and delays in construction you will always find a competent contact person, who talks with you about your wishes and expectations, who realizes them as a team and pursuits these wishes during the construction phase.

Due to the close collaboration with you and the participating corporations we make sure that you will receive the results that we agreed together.
The consulting of your architect and the attendance of all meetings goes without saying.

Perfection is our claim. The montage of media technology demands miscellaneous experience that we guarantee with our interdisciplinary team. Due to our know-how of many years and suitable tools we can bundle synergies and realize sustainable and precise installations. In the process we repeatedly take care that schedules and quality standards are met and that the flow of information is secured. As a result we can present installations of the highest standards, a good reputation in and beyond Germany and reference objects in Spain, Austria and Swiss.

Expert planning of...

... acoustic distribution and speak alert

At the new planning or modernization of a distribution system many aspects have to be considered. How is the room structured, for which purpose will it be used? How are the properties of walls, ceilings and floors? From this the acoustic behavior of the room can be deduced.

To create optimal acoustic in a room, where a constant volume level reaches an area-wide and frequency-wide distribution of the sound waves, it is necessary to use computer simulations for acoustic environments as for example the simulation program EASE4.3, the NTI Akustik Analysator XL2 and the metering software Monkey-Forest.

For metering, evaluating and creating an irradiation concept, we base upon the DIN EN ISO 3382. In case of a speak alert system the guideline DIN EN54-15 for speak alert centers from 2008, DIN EN-54-24 (for loud speakers) and DIN EN 54-4 for electrical power supply facilities are of importance. The transition period of this European standard was discontinued 2011 and we gladly assist you with a standard compliant realization of your enterprise.

Regardless if you want to equip your event hall or conference room with a new distribution system or need a concept for a speak alert system in a whole complex of buildings, you find a dependable partner in us.

We accompany you at the planning of a new distribution system from the first draft to the final launch and acceptance inspection.

... Projections

Thanks to the successful execution of multiple and challenging projects as e.g. the 360° panorama projection of the Shanghai Expo (18 projectors) and the large projection in Berchtesgaden (4 projectors) inSynergie has got a treasure trove of experience and can accompany customers professionally from planning to accomplishment.


Before the actual installation of projectors professional and qualified planning is necessary so that certain requirements can be considered.
On one hand these are the optical characteristics as light conditions in a room, distance and screen width of the projection plane as well as the ratio of the projected image. On the other hand design and architectural aspects of the projection plane and premises have to be considered. If all projection specifications are known, the projector, object lenses, ceiling mounts and special software modules can be selected.

For certain projector requirements the employment of one projector is not enough. When high resolution pictures are supposed to be projected on large areas in most cases multi projector applications are necessary. With soft edge blending the edges of single projection pictures are layed over another in a certain proportion. With the aid of the inSynergie iSMovieL software it is prevented that the area of overlap becomes too bright.

... Museum Technology

The employment of multimedia-based, audiovisual systems for information delivery in museums is no rarity nowadays. There are countless media-technological possibilities to plan exhibitions and their stations as whole. Thus there are advantaged as the central surveillance from projectors and processors, prompt trouble-shooting and convenient updates from the own workplace.

Using local networks and TCP/IP a holistic communication structure can be built. Thus maintenance and diagnosis can be realized very simply and user friendly.

... Interactive Applications

Whether in museums, training classrooms or conference rooms: Where informations have to be delivered and exchanged interactive applications prove their additional value/benefit.

The employment of a computer or a touch-sensitive screen allows not only to present content but to make it interactively available. Touchscreens allow the user to come directly into contact with contents, to work with them, to move them and to grasp them.

... Individual Software

Often there is no standard software for specific multimedia projects. Many concepts and applications just are no standard.

We develop specific software to realize your ideas. During the planning phase we will evaluate your demands so that the software can be tailored exactly to your needs. In doing so we consider existing elements from our tool case to produce your individual solution efficient in time and costs.