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Dialogue with Time - Frankfurt, 2014


The exhibition "Dialog mit der Zeit" (meaning dialogue with time) was shown from September 2014 until February 2015 in the Musem für Kommunikation in Frankfurt am Main and subsequently in Berlin. In a plfayful and interactive way visitors are encouraged to think about how they want to live and grow old. An exhibition to take part, reflect and to establish dialogue with senior people who guide through the exhibition and are willing to be interviewed.

The particular exhibition sections deal with topics as psychic and physical limitations in old age that visitors can reproduce interactively as well as the positive possibilities that come with age. Moreover the exhibition gives space for dialoge about individual agening and the future of age in regard of the demographic change.


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Dialog im Dunkeln – Verein zur Förderung der sozialen Kreativität –Frankfurt e.V

Haus der Berge Extension - Berchtesgaden, 2014


In the permanent exhibition "Vertical Wilderness" in the Haus der Berge (meaning house of the mountains) many new features were integrated. These modifications were based on a survey among the over 370.000 visitors that have visited the exhibition since it's opening in May 2013. Foremost the section on geology was improved.

inSynergie installed two new tree projections and an additional management terminal in the foyer. Moreover, visitors can select hiking paths on a touch screen at the miniature model "Wimbachklamm". The selected paths are highlighted with LEDs in the model. 

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Haus der Berge


Energeticon - Alsdorf, 2014


In vivid way the ENERGETICON explains the necessarity of the energy transition from the nuclear / fossil to to the regenerative energy era in a global context to its visitors.

The approximately 700 meter long exhibition parcours of the ENERGETICON distinguishes this development direction easy to understand with about 30 stations. The thematic spectrum ranges from the energy treasure chamber in which the treasures of solar energy sources are presented, the mining of historical solar energy in the form of coal up to the explanation and exhibition of modern energy conversion technologies that convert current solar energy into useful energy for humans. The ENERGETICON is an exhibition, discussion forum and educational institution all in one.

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Discovery branch Globetrotter - Stuttgart, 2014


In the center of Stuttgart the customers can expect about 35 000 products around outdoor, alpine, travelling and water sports. All of this is spreaded on 4500 squaremeters sales area on four floors.Many attractions make a special shopping experience, for example a boulder wall, a wind tunnel for tents as well as an accessible glas dome with view on the outdoor arena in the basement floor. The outdoor arena is also used as event and action area.

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PS.Speicher - Einbeck, 2014

Technology for exploring and experimenting - the PS.SpeicherPS.SPEICHER is an exhibition and theme park which invites the whole family to learn and to marvel.
The museum presents unique historical bicycles, motocycles and automobiles. On 6500 squaremeters the visitors can discover eight themed areas and 130 years of vehicle history. The exhibition is ordered chronogically in decades and invites with its interactive elements and media stations to be actively explored. 

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PS.Speicher Einbeck

Orte der Macht - Aachen, 2014


The town hall of Aachen hosted the temporal exhibition "Orte der Macht" (places of power). In the coronation room visitors could explore and experience the courtly life as well as learn about the travelling king and military leader Charlemagne. The exhibition showed archaeologic and art-historical evidences to give an impression of the material foundations for his reign and his idols that motivated him to rise in Aachen a place of power.

inSynergie installed a 360° projection, an interactive earth, a projection mapping of Charlemagne's coffin, and many more multimedia exhibits.

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Stadt Aachen

Centre Charlemagne Aachen, 2014


The „Centre Charlemagne“ is located at the Katschhof, the former courtyard of the palace between cathedral and town hall. A museum exhibition displays the history of the king Charlemagne and the development of his city. The Centre is as well the starting point for exploring the other stations of the "Route Charlemagne". The exhibition ammends historical and artistical exhibits with multimedia installations. Changing exhibitions extend and complete the range of topics.

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Centre Charlemagne

smac - State Museum for Archaeology Chemnitz, 2014

Chiapas Panorama

The famous semi-circular department store building Schocken is the "Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz" - smac.

At the 16th of May 2014 smac was officially opened. Saxony receives with the museum a permanent presentation of its archaeological treasures. Over 6000 exhibits illuminate on three levels the human history from Old Stone Age to early Industrial Age.

With state-of-the-art multimedia technology the museum wants to impart knowledge and enthuse a wide-ranging audience.

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Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz

Evolution - Loßburg, 2014


The exhibition "Evolution" tells the story of the German mechanical engineering company ARBURG in Loßburg. The history of the corporation since 1923 is presented with interactive stations on 770 square metres for trade visitors. On display are injection molding machines and further innovative inventions of the sector of plastic-product manufacturing as well as product examples. The exhibition is complemented by historical contributions and manifold multimedia content. For these exhibits inSynergie installated up-to-date media technology.

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Photos: ARBURG

Phantasialand: White-Water Ride Chiapas - Brühl, 2014

Chiapas Panorama

With torrential rivers, thunderous waterfalls, deep canyons and branching cave systems the white-water ride Chiapas makes the attitude to life in South America perceptible. The 6 minute ride presents market scenes, big festivals and countless surprises.
The ride on chiapas takes course over five levels. Moreover, the ride with 53° fall contains the steepest descent of a white-water ride worldwide. Chiapas has got three descents, one of them with backward drop. The specially composed music supplies the suitable soundtrack for this expedition.

The inSynergie media control provides the perfect timing of special effects. 

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