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August Horch Museum - Zwickau, 2017


After four years under construction, the exhibition space in the August Horch Museum was doubled by an extension that tells the second part of Zwickau's automotive history. Especially the Trabant will be given more attention than before.In the new building the chapter racing of Auto Union welcomes the visitor. The centerpiece: the 30-minute multimedia staging of a race with Auto Union Silver Arrows. The the audience pursues it from a rows of seats, which are modeled on the Berlin Avus grandstand - including the acoustic experience of the streamlined Bolide cars.Needless to say, the new part of the permanent exhibition retains the concept of the museum devised by the Zwickau agency Ö-Konzept: to present cars not in the garage, but to present them in tangible scenarios, supplemented by meaningful multimedia content.

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August Horch Museum Zwickau


Historisches Museum - Frankfurt, 2017

How did Frankfurt become what it is? And what sets Frankfurt apart from other cities? A look into the snow globe gives answers to these questions. Eight artists designed models of typical Frankfurt characteristics.
An industrial robot lifts the models at the touch of a button into a giant snow globe with a diameter of 3m. The choreography of each model is completed by videos on projections all around the room with surround sound and an individual light show.

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Historisches Museum Frankfurt

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Aquazoo Löbbecke - Düsseldorf, 2017

The Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum presents 140 aquariums, terrariums and large plants with around 560 animal species on a display area of 6,800 square meters. Numerous exhibits, wall charts and media offers provide additional scientific information. As part of the extensive renovation, the technology was updated and the visitor area was made more attractive: new colors, a modern light concept, new exhibition furnitures and a new guiding system, which will lead the visitors through the various theme worlds. In addition to old acquaintances, new animal inhabitants have also moved in the rehabilitated aquariums and terrariums: visitors can rediscover penguins, naked mole rats or green iguanas.

End customer:
Aquazoo Löbbecke

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Skagen Grå Fyr / Center for Migratory Birds - Dänemark, 2017


At the beginning of May 2017 the new international bird experience center "Skagen Gray Lighthouse - Center for migratory birds" opened.In the new center, visitors can take a virtual tour to discover and experience the many exciting migrating birds that visit Skagen and the surrounding areas. Skagen Gray Lighthouse has long been a favorite place for the almost 2 million visitors who visit Skagen every year.

End customer:
Skagen Bird Observatory


Fjord&Bælt - Kerteminde Dänemark, 2017


Fjord&Bælt is a combined research and experience centre which communicates knowledge about marine life in the waters of Denmark. Fjord&Bælt is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to get close to marine animal life.

The 40m long Underwater Tunnel features a great view into the harbour basin inhabited by porpoises and seals. Along the way visitores can watch bottom of the sea themed films.

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Exhibition in ZF Forum - Friedrichshafen, 2017

On over 3000 square meters on the ground floor of the ZF Forum, a multifaceted image of ZF with exciting visual and thematic links is presented in new, surprising perspectives. The topics of the exhibition - at a glance, motorsport, innovation history, innovations, competences and the future of the company - can be discovered in many ways.
One highlight of the exhibition: Under a seemingly floating media ring, visitors can interact through a large table installation with tablet PCs with virtual worlds and call up animations about vision and strategy, as well as many other inspiring topics.

End customer:
ZF Friedrichshafen AG


Teaching Hospital Münster - Münster, 2017

For training and examination situations in the medical field at the University of Münster, inSynergie developed an PA and video recording system, the management of which is regulated by ID cards with a RFID chip. The RFID certificates issued by the students and lecturers allow easy and convenient handling of the system. The audio video recording and debriefing system was installed for 24 study rooms and four training rooms.
The trainees or test subjects can start a video recording after entering the study room, simply by inserting their ID card. With the help of cameras and microphones, the auditors can access all occupied study rooms from a central location and communicate with the test subjects via the PA system (counterparts), as well as add real-time evaluations to the video.
Later, the students can view and recapitulate their recordings (by means of RFID legitimation) together with the evaluations at playback stations.

End customer:
Teaching Hospital Münster