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German Mining Museum - Bochum, 2019

The German Mining Museum is one of the largest museums in Germany and deals in its exhibitions with the origin, extraction and processing of natural resources.
But also the socio-historical and cultural developments of the mining industry and its history are illuminated more closely.

inSynergie carried out extensive media installations: elaborate projections, numerous stations with touch screens and iSHearo ohne-hand earpieces as well as special constructions for exhibits such as microscope stations.

End customer:
Deutsches Bergbau Museum Bochum

Experimenta - Heilbronn, 2019


Covering an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 25,000 square meters the experimenta offers a unique world of knowledge and experience with around 275 interactive exhibits, four creative studios and nine laboratories as well as an observatory and an extraordinary Science Dome with spectacular science shows.
inSynergie GmbH was responsible for integration of hardware in exhibitions, laboratories, conference rooms and the digital signage system. In addition, a large software system was designed and implemented, which covers various functionalities such as media control, digital signage, content management, visitor guidance, visitor identification, heatmap, etc.

End customer:
experimenta gGmbH - The Science Center

Africa at the Linden-Museum - Stuttgart, 2019


Where is Africa? calls for a renewed understanding of the contexts and narratives of African collections in museums and for a critical interview with them. The exhibition shows how the collections were created, how they developed and which classification principles they obeyed.
inSynergie installed two projections in the exhibition as well as several digital stations with video displays and one-hand-earphones.


End customer:
Linden-Museum Stuttgart