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Museum about the History of the Bavarian Kings - Hohenschwangau 2011

In the „Museum Geschichte der bayerischen Könige“ (Museum about the history of the Bavarian kings) the visitors get a detailed insight into the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty and their Bavarian kings.

The exhibition with its precious original exhibits, impressing design and interactive media stations provides a fascinating imparting of the story of king Ludwig II and his family.

inSynergie installed the whole media technology in the exhibition rooms. The central control software is the inSynergie Exhibition Manager. By help of this software the complete exhibition can be monitored and error at single stations can be instantly noticed and investigated. Furthermore the Exhibition Manager Software offers the possibility to manually or automatically (time based) switch on or of the complete exhibition or single stations. Like this, the museum staff can control the system very efficiently and conveniently.

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Museum Geschichte der bayerischen Könige

Bomann Museum - Celle 2011


Employed with modern media technology the Bomann Museum reopened in December 2011. The exhibition contains extensive folklore and town historical collections, historical parlours, textiles and gives a comprehensive impression of the development of the domestic home and household appliances.

inSynergie supplemented the exhibits with audio features and with one-hand earpieces. We installed interactive video station that give visitors the opportunity to get actively involved with the history of textiles or household appliances. Via the modern media technology of inSynergie the content of the exhibition is imparted in an interesting way and it is given the perfect stage.

Bomann Museum Celle

Grotto at Trauttmansdorff - Meran 2011

Located in the Landscapes of South Tyrol garden world, this 200-meter-long trail penetrates into a hillside, leading through a bizarre realm. The Botanical Underworld closely examines the mysteries of plant life below the soil in an entertaining and illustrative way. Anything that sprouts green and flowery aboveground sends roots deep into the earth and is no less active there – though it is hidden from the view of man.

Underground pathways lead from chamber to chamber, accompanied by light shows and sounds that show the way: each shift shines the spotlight on one of the main Botanical Underworld themes: water, soil, nutrients, roots and light.

Eerie and entertaining, illuminating and informative: the underground stations, with multimedia elements, teach visitors the basic botany of underground plant life.

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Stollenmuseum Trauttmannsdorff

Zeitungsmuseum - Aachen 2011


With its international focus, the museum is one of a kind. Today, it boasts the world’s largest collection of newspapers, with well over 200,000 specimens, including such rarities as first editions, special editions and final editions of German and international press from all five continents.

Topics of the exhibition are the development and future of mass media as well as the history of writing and typography. In the newly designed permanent exhibition the visitors can interact with the content thanks to inSynergie products. A special highlight is the installation of an oversized egg, inside which the visitor can experience information overload by modern media first hand. Here inSynergie sychronizes screens, whose content can be influenced by the visitor himself. This way the inSynergie software involves the museum visitor directly with the experience.

Zeitungsmuseum Aachen

Museum Hameln - Hameln 2011


In the new permanten exhibition of the Musem Halben the legend of the Pied Piper is the central and completely new regrounded topic. On display are the few original objects that exist, interestings facts about the anniversaries in 1884 and 1934 as well as the Pied Piper as important figure in advertising and tourism.

inSynergie is responsible for the complete hardware as well as the programming and design of screen content and the userinterface of the computers. The screen design of the touch screens was developed accordant to the theme of the exhibition. For a centralized administration of the media stations and their content the iSExhibitionManager software was installated.


Museum Hameln

Willi-Brandt-Forum - Unkel 2011

The 2011 opened Willi-Brand-Forum is dedicated to the life and achievements of the former Federal Chancelor and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

On a large wall collage the visitors can watch different films from the life of Willi Brandt. For this purpose a movable monitor was installated that can be positioned freely along a mobile rail at the wall. Via position identification certain positions are recognized and the accordant video is played on the monitor.

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Willi Brandt Forum