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MS experimenta - Heilbronn, 2020

The MS experimenta is the floating branch of Germany's largest science center in Heilbronn. On board the 105-meter-long barge, visitors of all ages will find everything that distinguishes the headquarters in Heilbronn: a variety of hands-on stations, exciting experiments and even a miniature version of the 360-degree dome screen from the globally unique Science Dome.
inSynergie programmed two interactive exhibits for the ship exhibition.

End customer: experimenta gGmbH – Das Science Center

Photo credit: experimenta gGmbH

"KohleBoom" at Bergbaumuseum Oelsnitz - Oelsnitz, 2020


Saxony owes its pioneering role in the industrialization of Germany to rich hard coal deposits. In this area of ​​tension between technology, nature and society, the exhibition in the Oelsnitz / Erzgebirge mining museum takes its visitors on an adventure trip through the fascinating world of the Saxon coal boom. Realistic presentations with media elements and numerous large indoor and outdoor exhibits make the visit to this original industrial site of the Saxon hard coal mining to an adventurous journey of discovery for every generation.


End customer: Bergbaumuseum Oelsnitz



"AutoBoom" at August Horch Museum - Zwickau, 2020


The world brands Horch, Audi and DKW rolled off the production line in Zwickau. In the GDR, Zwickau became the birthplace of the legendary Trabant. The August Horch Museum uses these and other milestones to display the history of mobility made possible by the car. The showplace exhibition of the August Horch Museum, which will take place as part of the 4th Saxon State Exhibition in 2020, illuminates the future of mobility and the future development of the automobile in three subject areas, particularly with a view to automobile production in Saxony.

End customer: August Horch Museum


Münchhausen Museum - Bodenwerder, 2020

Memorabilia from the personal possession of Hieronymus v. Münchhausen as well as pictures and documents trace important stages of his life. The Münchhausen Museum in Bodenwerder maintains diverse contacts with researchers, collectors, artists and the curious from all over the world.

The entrance area is enhanced by three large 55 "screens in portrait format.

End customer: Münchhausen Museum
Website: Webseite des Münchhausen Museums


Deep sea and marine research in Senckenberg Museum - Frankfurt, 2020

The deep sea is the largest habitat on earth - this unknown universe is magical, eerie and fascinating. The new exhibition rooms should make the deep sea tangible with all senses.With the help of autonomous vehicles and robots, scientists * explore the almost unknown deep sea and bring amazing things to light. Manned diving trips into the deep sea are expensive, time-consuming and dangerous. Therefore, deep-sea researchers mostly use unmanned equipment. A new themed room presents marine research and marine technology. In the exhibition, visitors can become pilots of a deep-sea robot themselves and look forward to a virtual oneDive into the depths of the ocean.The use of fascinating presentations, room-in-room installations and the use of new media are an integral part of the exhibition concepts. inSynergie installed several audio and video stations in both exhibition rooms.


End customer: Senckenbergmuseum Frankfurt


Photo credit: © Senckenberg/Tränkner

Renovation Fürstenhof - Bad Eilsen, 2020

After two and a half years of construction, the listed Fürstenhof of the Bad Eilsen rehabilitation center was reopened in February 2020. Around 80 patient rooms in the Fürstenhof were modernized and equipped with new bathrooms. Meeting and therapy rooms on the ground floor and the medical center were renovated while the spatial structures were largely preserved. The listed facade was extensively restored according to its historical appearance.

End customer: Rehazentrum Bad Eilsen

Humboldt Forum - Berlin, 2020


In the middle of the historic center of Berlin, the Humboldt Forum is a unique place of experience and encounter. A place with a special history. A place for culture and science, exchange, diversity and polyphony. A place that connects differences.By bringing together outstanding collections and with a varied program of exhibitions, events, education and digital offers, the visit stimulates new insights into the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

End customer: Humboldt Forum