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Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank – Frankfurt, 2016


Touching and lifting a gold bar once! This is possible in the new Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank, which opened its doors in Frankfurt in December 2016 with a multimedial exhibition.
The comprehensively redesigned exhibition takes the visitors through the theme areas CASH, BOOK, MONETARY POLICIES and MONEY GLOBAL. In practical everyday situations visitors experience the importance of money and a stable monetary value for their lives.
In the middle of the exhibition is the 360-degree cinema, in which the theme of "money" is staged in a fascinating way from different angles. A special feature is also the banknote swarm - banknotes from more than 150 countries in the world, which seem to float in large glass walls like fishes. Information on each banknote can be accessed in a media station.
The new museum addresses visitors of all ages in a variety of ways, including texts, pictures, videos and audio recordings. At roughly 60 media stations, information about money is conveyed in a playful way or in-depth content is offered.

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Geldmuseum der Deutschen Bundesbank

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Eifel National Park Centre – Vogelsang at Schleiden, 2016


"Create an exhibition that sensitizes all visitors of the Eifel region to the beauty of the scenery" – this is the wish formulated by the Eifel National Park Visitor Centre. The new exhibition by TRIAD Berlin will be handicapped accessible and is supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

The exhibition illustrates the special characteristics of the nature reserve while incorporating aspects of global environmental protection. Displays showing life in the deadwood, interactive scenarios revealing animals' amazing senses, and further media installations such as 3D films and projection mapping invite visitors to explore the diversity, peculiarities, and beauty of Eifel National Park with all their senses. Models and hands-on exhibits provide fascinating visual and haptic experiences. Visitors with disabilities benefit from this concept as it allows them to enjoy most of the exhibition without the help of others.

Images © TRIAD Berlin / A. Naparty

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Eifel National Park, 2016

National Museum Zurich - Zurich, 2016


The most visited museum of cultural history in Switzerland presents history from its beginnings to today. Mid-2016, the new building of the museum was opened presenting two new, high-tech exhibition halls.
InSynergie installed media technology for the new permanent exhibition on Swiss archeology.
It includes, for example, a large projection on a tilted wall, which is controllable by the visitors with a total of 14 different sensors. This was realized with different animated scenes that can be called up to eight layers of video in 4K format in different combinations and that are rendered live.
Furthermore, in the archeology exhibition one can find the so-called era scanners, which are movable screens with multitouch. These can be moved horizontally and show - depending on the position - corresponding information on the exhibits in the showcase behind.
So in total an elaborate media presentation was created using many technologies, particularly in the sensor area.

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National Museum Zurich, 2016

Company Museum MANN+HUMMEL - Ludwigsburg, 2016


The long-established company MANN+HUMMEL existing over 75 years dedicated its new corporate museum to filtration. Central and impressive element of the exhibition is the "filter wall" with 5670 backlit filter elements on an area of ​​16 meters width and 5 meters height. Visitors learn different facts and figures about the company, such as production figures and company locations.
The wall, installed by inSynergie, consists of monochrome LED tiles which are placed on filter elements by MANN+HUMMEL, and luminous lettering. Eight speakers are installed each at the top and bottom of the LED wall between the neon signs and support the presentation with a finely tuned audio production.

Design and concept of the wall were made by Holzer Kobler Architekturen in collaboration with TheGreenEyl.

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Phantasialand: Klugheim – Brühl, 2016


In the new theme world Klugheim Phantasialand visitors can access two new roller coasters that break world records: "Raik" is the largest "Family - Boomerang" of its kind. "TARON" is a roller coaster with several catapult -like accelerations and in this category the fastest and longest coaster in the world. The media control for the whole theme world comes from inSynergie. It allows controlling the media of the rides and the outdoor area, in particular the timing of audio and light. Therefore information about the status of the roller coaster system is evaluated to trigger programmed sequences.

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Museum Koenig – Bonn, 2016


With the permanent exhibition "Our Blue Planet - Life in the Network" the Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn offers  a vivid insight into the most important ecoregions of the earth.
For the exhibition of the habitat "Rain Forest" ​​inSynergie built two binoculars, in which a film shows a herd of elephants. The binoculars were mounted at different heights so that both small and tall visitors have a comfortable viewing. Visitors can turn the binoculars to the left and right to let their gaze wander through the picture discovering new details. This required specially tailored media technology and programming: A sensor detects the degree of rotation so that the image of the film is correspondingly shifted horizontally with a software on the built-in 7 " monitor.  

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Museum Koenig Bonn, 2016

Visitor Center Kesslergrube – Grenzach-Wyhlen, 2016

Roche Pharma AG presents an interactive visitor information tour in the visitors' pavilion of the Kesslergrube, which provides an insight into the elaborate remediation of the mine. The experience exhibition developed by Mediaville contains various media installations with audio and film content, which were implemented by inSynergie on the part of the media technology and the designed room control.
For example, inSynergie modified old telephones into interactive listening stations, where visitors can select and listen to relevant topics. Via a lock integrated into the room control, the visitor arrives in a room, which is spatially resembling the real pit with the different contaminated areas and waste. Further audio stations and a large film projection with multi-channel surround sound complete the visitor experience.

Photos: Ralf H. Dorweiler, Badische Zeitung

Concept and design:

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Kesslergrube der Roche Pharma AG, 2016

Visitor Hall Landtag NRW – Düsseldorf, 2016


The new visitor hall in the Landtag NRW in Düsseldorf informs visitors with the latest interactive video and sound technology vividly about the tasks and functions of the Landtag and provides interesting insights into the social and cultural diversity of NRW.

With a well designed media concept, which focusses on the interaction of the visitors with the content, the visitor hall introduces guests to the diverse responsibilities of Parliament in a limited space. The all-dominating 240 ° projection in particular captivates with fantastic images and informative content.

The company inSynergie realized a central media control which was specially composed for different types of uses of the visitors hall. On weekdays the visitor guides of the Landtag introduce guests into the parliamentary work in a 30-minute orientation session. In addition, the room opens to the population on weekends so that one can explore the political work of Parliament or the settlement structure and the regional characteristics of NRW at eight interactive columns. For example a touch-sensitive map gives visitors an insight into the population structure. For presentations or panel discussions a lift platform is used which can be extended out of the ground.

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Landtag NRW

DASA Tower Simulation – Dortmund, 2016

The DASA in Dortmund-Dorsfeld is Germany's biggest exhibition on working worlds. On a size of one and a half football fields, visitors can learn about different jobs and experience them in exciting ways.

Starting in February 2016 visitors can experience how tower controllers work at the airport in the DASA: permitting starts, allowing landings, controlling the airspace. The new tower simulator was linked to the existing simulator of an Airbus A 320, making it unique in Europe. For this an octagonal, 4.30 meter high tower was built after the model of the Dortmund airport tower - including the technical interior. inSynergie installed a 180 ° canvas with five projectors, which displays the Dortmund airfield and other airports.

Three working places with flight radar are available in the tower. Via touch screen visitors can simulate five different scenarios of the air traffic controllers' work. The Tower consists of a three-step podium half a meter above the ground, so that the visitor's experience is closer to of being in a tower.

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