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Delta Experience - Neeltje Jans Niederlande, 2015


The new exhibition in the Deltapark Neeltje Jans deals with the storm surge barrier Delta Works which was built to keep everyone safe and to prevent a recurrence of the 1953 flood disaster. Exhibitions, films and a visit to the storm surge barrier itself give an impression of the stupendous power of water.
The Delta Experience is an impressive panoramic 3D animation that allows visitors to experience the damage caused by the disaster as well as the reconstruction of Zeeland and the construction of the Delta works. The video installation was done with the iSMovie software by inSynergie.

End customer:
Neeltje Jans

Todd van Hulzen
Studio Louter

Build by:
Kloosterboer Decor

Mike Bink Fotografie

PS.SPEICHER Racing Exhibition - Einbeck, 2015


Under the title "Tempo, Heroes, Passion" the PS.SPEICHER opens its first special exhibition. 40 exhibits from the world of motorsport, including numerous rarities, invite to visit the 800 sqm large special exhibition. Similiar to to permanent exhibition the special exhibitions comes with various active stations and interaction possibilities. In addition, visitors can enjoy a new photo station.

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GRIMMWELT Kassel - Kassel, 2015


In the GRIMMWELT Kassel the life and creation of the Brothers Grimm is presented in a new way: Precious originals, film and sound, artistic creations, multimedia contributions and interactive offers combine to an exciting visitor experience. The inSynergie installed the media technology in this exhibition.

Especially the young visitors can look forward to many interactive media stations as the Whispering Flowers (audio installation with spheric loudspeakers), the Frog (Moving Head projection) or the Dwarves (holographic Pepper's Ghost installation). These are triggered by various sensors.

In the whole exhibition artworks of many artists can be marveled at on modern playback media.

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Kongernes Jelling - Jelling Denmark, 2015

The visitor and experience center at Kongernes Jelling - Home of the Viking Kings lies in the middle of the monument complex around Jelling Church. At the Experience Center we tell of the Viking kings Gorm and Harald, their rune-stones, the huge ship-setting and the gigantic palisade which was built over a thousand years ago.

Archaeological artefacts and Viking legends are powerfully presented in a diverse and media-rich exhibition. Visitors can travel back to the earliest days of Jelling and immerse themselves in lives of the Vikings through ten different exhibition areas and forty media exhibits.

Because the subject is an archaeological site, a number of the exterior important artefacts  are presented in the exhibition with media installations so that they can be experienced virtually.

End customer:
Kongernes Jelling

Images by ART + COM Studios

Richard Wagner Museum - Bayreuth, 2015

This year the Richard Wagner Museum was redesigned and now it tells in its three areas about the life and work of Richard Wagner, the ideology history and the history of the Bayreuth Festival.
inSynergie installed monitors and projections, as well as listening stations and audio installations.

End customer:
Richard Wagner Museum


Federal Patent Court Extension - Munich 2015


The project „the electronic court room” enables the exchange of visual information between participating judges and process participants during a trial.

The judges can share their screen content with other judges or display it on a large screen. The participants can feed information, e.g. from a laptop, to the system and directly visualize it to the judges or other process participants. The switch-overs and share options can be directly edited at the judge desks via a second taskbar. Due to security concerns the system does not work via IP-video streaming. In 2015 inSynergie extended the installion to further court rooms.

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Salt Museum "Westfälische Salzwelten" - Bad Sassendorf, 2015


The experience exhibition of the "Westfälische Salzwelten" (meaning Salt World of Westphalia) lets visitors experience the regional history of salt and the health effects of salt and brine.

In the Hellweg region the salty gound water was used for over 3000 years in salt production. Nowadays it is used in spas for healthcare applications. The museum acknolwedges the meaning of salt for this region.

The exhibition offers many stations where visitors can interact and experiment. They can examine salt crystals under the microscope, taste and smell different salts, operate a miniature salina and much more.

Visitors learn about the effects of salt in the body and surpising applications of this everyday resource.

End customer:
Westfälische Salzwelten