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References 2023

3D-Mapping Altensteiner Cave – Bad Liebenstein, 2023

The Altensteiner Cave is located below the Altensteiner Park in the city of Bad Liebenstein in Thuringia. With a total length of around 2000 meters, it is considered the longest cave in Thuringia and was discovered in 1799 during the construction of the road to Altenstein Castle. By the spring of 1802, a 280-meter-long section was expanded to become the oldest show cave in Thuringia.
In 2023, the cave was modernized with new lighting and state-of-the-art sound and projection technology.

Despite difficult installation conditions in the wet, cold and without daylight, the inSynergie team successfully installed projections and sound systems in the “Large Music Hall”, “Small Music Hall” and “Cave Lake” areas. The entire system can be controlled via a graphical user interface.

End customer: City of Bad Liebenstein

DKV Mobility World – Ratingen, 2023


The exhibition is located on the ground floor of the newly built extension of DKV mobility in Ratingen. In an experience area in the entrance area, visitors can get to know the history and development of DKV Mobility, as well as get to know the individual product areas of DKV Mobility in a playful and interactive way.

inSynergie GmbH installed the media technology. This included the installation of two LED walls of around 3 x 4 meters in size, which are synchronized with a light show on LED strips.

In the Experience Area you will find interactive stations with large-format touch screens and a monitor table with object recognition.

The programming of the content was largely realized by 2AV. Three stations were loaded with individual software from inSynergie. Including two video stations with a menu structure and a station with a sliding monitor.

Involved companies:

  •     Agency ATB (Atelier Brückner)
  •     inSynergie GmbH for media technology
  •     2AV for content
  •     Fa. Körling Interiors GmbH as an exhibition building

End customer: DKV mobility

LED special construction for ZEISS Museum – Oberkochen, 2023


The ZEISS Museum of Optics shows more than 1,000 exciting, often unique exhibition objects on 1,000 square meters. The exhibition bridges the gap between the present and the past: state-of-the-art medical technology equipment, the photo of Neil Armstrong that he took with a ZEISS lens during the first moon landing, and Napoleon's telescope.

For an exhibit on the subject of the spectrum of light, inSynergie developed and installed ring-shaped LED lighting, which enables the interaction of light and color to be experienced through changing colors.

End customer: Carl Zeiss AG

Photos: Carl Zeiss AG

Visitor Counter Westfalenpark – Dortmund, 2023

As one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, the Westfalenpark is not only the "green oasis" in the Dortmund city area, but also an attractive and active leisure park for the city and region with numerous offers for young and old. The park covers an area of ​​approx. 75 hectares and is completely fenced and accessible via eight entrances and exits.
A total of 22 Xovis heatmap cameras for people counting were installed by inSynergie at these entrances and exits. The mounting height of the cameras varies between 2.5 and 5 meters depending on the entrance.

With the help of the NeuroomNet control software, the camera data is read out and compiled into statistics. The data basis and display of the statistics can be set via the interface.

An individual NeuroomNet dashboard provides information about the current figures and the status of the cameras at all times.

End customer: City of Dortmund

Permanent Exhibition Evolution Timeline – Heidelberg, 2023


The Timeline Evolution exhibition at the University of Heidelberg vividly covers the history of life, including current questions in biological research. Life on Earth began with simple life forms. In the course of evolution, multicellular organisms emerged from such primordial cells. This path is traced for the animals using the unique treasures of the Heidelberg Zoological Collection. Some of the exhibits are over 200 years old and are placed in the context of current research.

The mediation also takes place through film stations that can be explored interactively via touch or run in a loop. inSynergie installed the screens and BightSign Player as a player. In addition, the content was prepared by inSynergie, integrated into the programming and uploaded.

A NeuroomNet media control is used in the exhibition. The system runs in automatic mode, but can be switched to manual control using a touch control panel.

End customer: University of Heidelberg

Dortmund IX – Papenburg, 2023


In 1904 the steam tug “Dortmund IX” was launched. To date, it is the second oldest ship in existence from the Meyer Werft shipyard and is now part of the exhibition at the Papenburg Maritime Adventure World.

The company inSynergie GmbH installed the media technology for the exhibition on the ship. These include 22" and 55" displays as well as the associated media players. In order to position the displays precisely under the porthole hatches on deck, wooden structures and studs from inSynergie were installed.

End customer: LGS gGmbH


Enigma Museum of Communication – Copenhagen, 2023


ENIGMA - Museum of Communication houses Denmark's national collections in the field of post and telecommunications. The museum has Denmark's largest stamp collection and the country's most important specialist library in this field.
The exhibition extends across three rooms on topics such as “Forum”, “History of Communication” and “History of Media”.

The company inSynergie GmbH is responsible for the media hardware and media control in the exhibition.
This includes most of the exhibitions' media hardware, including projectors, headphones, players, amplifiers, speakers and PCs. The core of the media control system is NeuroomNet, which can be operated via a web interface.
A highlight of the exhibition are two large ring-shaped LED strips that hang from the ceiling and are framed by 4 interactive exhibits (forum consoles). inSynergie installed the rings including the substructure.
Another beautiful detail of the exhibition is an old tube television, the interior of which was renovated by inSynergie and equipped with a web interface for control.

Atelier Brückner (architectural office)
Media project P2 (media planning)
inSynergie GmbH (media technology and control)

End customer: ENIGMA – Museum of Communication Copenhagen

LED-Wand at Deutsches Museum – Munich, 2023


The Deutsches Museum in Munich is one of the largest science and technology museums in the world in terms of exhibition space.

In the new main entrance to the Deutsches Museum in Munich, new media technology was created for the in-house digital signage system and for use for all kinds of events in this area.
inSynergie installed the media surfaces as a double-sided LED wall installation in a central location, which ensures very good visibility in the room.
In order to achieve the best height above the floor for the various types of use (digital signage, event, auditorium, service), the media areas were suspended from the ceiling on chain hoists.
The main entrance to the Deutsches Museum contains an auditorium where teaching and educational events for visitors regularly take place. inSynergie installed new audio technology for the events in this area. The central loudspeakers were integrated into the construction of the media surfaces. In addition to the speakers (table, handheld and lapel microphones), audio technology can also be used to play audio from presentations, films and music players.

End customer: Deutsches Museum Munich

Photo “Exterior view of the Deutsches Museum”: Julian Herzog