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References 2012

Federal Patent Court - Munich 2012


The project „the electronic court room” enables the exchange of visual information between participating judges and process participants during a trial.

The judges can share their screen content with other judges or display it on a large screen. The participants can feed information, e.g. from a laptop, to the system and directly visualize it to the judges or other process participants. The switch-overs and share options can be directly edited at the judge desks via a second taskbar. Due to security concerns the system does not work via IP-video streaming.

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Phantasialand Building 3 - Brühl 2012

The Building 3 in the theme park Phantasialand in Brühl offers a location for exclusive corporate events. The large event hall has room for symposia with up to 1000 participants and can quickly be turned into a banquet hall. On the 17m broad double projection at the front side live images can be inserted, e.g. to show the speaker over a camera during the presentation of slides. The whole operation of the the building, from the video and audio routings to the light control, is done with a system by inSynergie via diverse touch panels. In the upper level of the building are four more great conference rooms which can be operated autarkical or whose media technology can be integrated into the large hall.

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LWL Natural History Museum: Whale exhibition – Münster 2012


The LWL Natural History Museum in Münster deals with the habitat, evolution, anatomy, living and breeding of whales as well as whaling and protection of whales on 1.700 square meters. At multiple interactive exhibits these topics are vividly explained for young and old visitors.
The main attraction is a hall where a 360 degree projection over all walls simulates a dive to 2000 meter depth.

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LWL-Museum für Naturkunde

phanTECHNIKUM - Wismar 2012

The phanTechnikum is for watching, amazement and experimentation.

On 2.500 quare meters the exhibition house in Wismar exhibits impressing objects, many experiments and hands-on technology. The phanTECHNIKUM is a center for exhibition and learning that teaches technical knowledge.

The media technology that was installed and programmed by inSynergie helps visitors to find their way through the technical history of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Media stations with one-hand earpiece, touch panels, sound installations as well as a fire tunnel with person tracking and soft-edge projection complete this experience.

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AlpSeeHaus - Nagelfluhkette 2012


The AlpSeeHaus (meaning alp lake house) in Immenstadt/Bühl is an interactive nature park exhibition in the alp area. Children, teenagers and grown-ups can get a unique insight into the nature and culture landscape of the nature park and its inhabitants. The exploration tour continues in the large open air area and the whole nature park Nagelfluhkette.
inSynergie created an interactive media station at which the visitors can simulate the influence of factors as agriculture, tourism and industry over the alpine landscape. The station provides a large flat screen and several steering wheels that allow four visitors at the same time to control the simulation. Via the steering wheels parameters can be adjusted that lead to a certain scenic development of the alpine region. inSynergie installed the hardware, evaluated the input of the steering wheel and programmed the simulation game including the visualization of the results.

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