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Project management

inSynergie assumes the operative responsibility for your project. With a trained view our team of engineers, designers, technicians and constructing engineers takes care of a realization on schedule and in line with the budget during all project phases.

The end result of a project depends essentially on its management. The more thorough the planning process, the project organization and checking of dates, costs and resources, the better a result can be achieved that fulfills your demands. That’s how project management works. Quick and smooth.


Perfection is our claim. The montage of media technology demands various experiences that we guarantee with our interdisciplinary team. Due to our longtime know-how and the right tools we can bundle synergies and realize a sustainable and precise montage. In doing so, we take care to meet deadlines and quality standard as well as to keep up the information flow. As a result we can present installations on the highest level, a good reputation in Germany and beyond as well as reference objects in Spain, Austria and Swiss.


You have got technical problems with your installation? Then the first-level-support of inSynergie is your first contact point for support. Our staff will fully and extensively analyze the problems with you to achieve a fast solution. To offer fast service we resort to a knowledge database where the data of all projects is stored. Regardless if building plans, block diagrams or manuals are needed, our staff members have them at their fingertips and can support you.

If your problem might be more complex, our project managers who built and supervised your project will address the support staff for a second-level-support. Short reaction times and flexible working hours ensure a short-term problem solving that won’t interfere with your core business.


Also after the installation inSynergie will be at your service.

We develop an individual maintenance schedule and like this achieve always positive results in reducing costs, improving the operating efficiency and securing the long-term maintenance of value. Thereby we consider all processes that ensure the correct operation of your technical and constructional facilities and guarantee a smooth operation of your core business. Moreover we always strive for a balance between functionality and costs.

Installation in ...

... Museums

From the simple interactive touch terminal over interactive exhibits to centralized control of the whole exhibition we install various technical applications. Whatever for creative ideas shall be realized, inSynergie finds a perfectly tailored solution that fits the problem to 100%. Our long-term experience in developing interactive soft- and hardware as well as our expertise at the topic media technology will convince you.


 What we offer:

  • Robust and ergonomic  construction of interactive exhibits that adapt to the visual concept of the exhibition
  • Intelligent audio and video feed systems for any number of outputs
  • Central content management of all media content
  • Sync control system for light, video and audio systems
  • Individual sensor technology via light barriers, capacitive sensors, keys etc.
  • Personalized interaction via RFID systems
  • Projection technology of up to 360° panorama projections
  • Sound distribution systems with up to 96 channel sound animations

... Theme parks

For your attractions we coordinate different media and effects. The right moment of an effect is as important for a perfect staging as the 100% synchronic interplay of the different media. inSynergie unites all of these requirements and offers with its in-house media control the most powerful solution worldwide. Thanks to modern network technology our control systems is scalable and offers gateways to all imaginable systems. Our audio solutions with the iSAudioServer and the iSMP3.2 provide the perfect solution for sound distribution in parks with central control and announcement options for seperate areas.

What we offer:

  • Central network-based free scalable media control
  • Gateways to peripheral devices and other subsections and effects: SPS, OPC, GPIO, MIDI, UDP, TCP, RS232, RS485, RS422, LTC, MTC, VITC, DMX, LON, EIB, LCN, etc.
  • Sound distribution systems with up to 96 channel sound animations
  • Free scalable audio and video streaming solutions
  • Projection technology for up to 360° panorama projections
  • Synchronizing of light, video and audio systems via timecode control
  • Individual screen solutions

... Event halls and conference rooms

In large event halls as concert halls and auditoriums each visitor should have a special experience. Organizers as well as the audience expect that acoustics and visualizations are presented in highest quality. Modern media technology makes this possible. Regardless if high quality distribution concepts, large format projections or universal control interfaces are to be installed, inSynergie covers the whole range.

These issues are also relevant for conference rooms. Nowadays the success of presentations depends – amongst others - on the used audiovisual media. We install the technology in a way so that the media can be played back simply, reliable and in a high quality. Like this your presentation will leave an impression.

What we offer:

  • Ergonomic and intuitive operation via touchpanels
  • High flexibility via dynamic assignment of devices as microphones etc.
  • Connection to booking systems and digital door plates

... Showroom

No matter if for consulting, presentation, gatherings or conferences, a showroom is universal usable and guarantees a professional modern appearance of your company.

In your showroom customers and potential buyers can inform themselves about your products and services in a pleasant atmosphere, all supported by multimedia technology.

Physically exhibited products can be complemented by virtual and acoustic information. For example there can be touch-screens with integrated audio functionality on which detailed information can be displayed.


What we offer:

  •  Touch-screens and projections

  • Sound system
  • Central media control
  • Extensive conference technology
  • Application of mobile tablet computers