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Ghost Train at Heumarkt underground station - Cologne 2013

Heumarkt U-Bahn Station
Heumarkt U-Bahn Station
Heumarkt U-Bahn Station

Since December 2013 every evening an eerie and bizarre scene is taking place at the new underground station Heumarkt that causes confusion of the waiting passengers. Always between 20:00h and 0:00h a special train is displayed on the destination board. But this announced train will never come even though the waiting people can hear how the train rushes through the station without stopping. Like this the impression of a ghost train that rides through the underground network of Cologne is created. This is made possible with 28 loud speakers that are installed along the station platform. They are started randomly once a day during the evening hours. An important requirement for playing them is that there must not be a real train standing at the platform.

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City and Industry Museum – Rüsselsheim 2013

Rüsselsheim Eingang
Rüsselsheim Amboss Projektion
Rüsselsheim Infowand
Rüsselsheim Wand mit Einhandhörern
Rüsselsheim Gebäude

Since its opening in 1976 the City and Industry Museum presents the history of the industrialization in different dimensions. Thereby mankind is the center of the exhibition. As symbol for the creating humankind and as introduction to the world of handcraft the visitor meets first the blacksmith at entering the exhibition. His work is presented with a shadow play. At the other end of the room this installation finds it counterpart in a shadow film that shows three assembly line workers. Both projections were installed by inSynergie.

Between handcraft production and industrial mass-manufacturing two ways lead to the 20th century and the world is changing bit by bit.

At many hands-on stations the visitors can test their knowledge and skills. Rare films and new film productions complement the museum. 

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City- and Industry Museum Rüsselsheim

German Carnival Museum - Kitzingen 2013


The 1963 founded German Carnival Museum presents various historical evidences about the emergence of carnival traditions.
For the reopening  
in November 2013 a media space stage was installed by TAMSCHICK MEDIA + SPACE and inSynergie GmbH.
In this room typical costumes and figures of carnival are presented and brought to life with projections, light and sound.

inSynergie is responsible for the control of the media devices and implemented different operations mode on the iSMaster so that the museum staff can start the show manually or time-controlled.

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Deutsches Fastnachtmuseum

House of the Mountains - Berchtesgaden 2013


The Haus der Berge (meaning house of mountains) in Berchtesgaden features a unique interplay of architecture, exhibition and surrounding landscape. The exhibition ‘Vertical Wilderness’ is designed as an abstract landscape panorama with ascending parcours. Visually and acoustically the visitor explores the various habitats that the national park of Berchtesgaden offers: Water, forest, alp and rock. Changing light atmosphere and filmic projections correspond to the four seasons.

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Haus der Berge

German Steam Locomotive Museum - Neuenmarkt 2013

In the trainman village Neuenmarkt in the middle of Oberfranken lies the German Steam Locomotive Museum that offers an exceptional railway experience.

The history of the “black giants” and their faszinating technology can be experienced in a historically grown surrounding.
inSynergie not only installated various projections and media stations but a whole RFID system that allows visitors to access media content fit to their language and knowledge with their admission tickets.

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Deutsches Dampflokomotivmuseum

Phantasialand: The Crazy Hotel Tartüff - Brühl 2013

With the Crazy Hotel Tartüff the Phantasialand brought a classic of theme park amusement with elaborate technology and affectionate design to a new dimension.

The whole building with its 27 rooms over three levels was themed in Art Nouveau. The tour through the crazy hotel goes through cupboards and turning barrels, over tilting and moving stairs, slides, over rotating stuccoed ceilings and through a glass labyrinth.

Part of the tour is an interactive piano that was installed by inSynergie. It can be played with the feet.  Technically capacitive sensors in the floor detect the movement of feet and trigger correspondent notes on the gamut.

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