Create user interfaces

With the iSOperate-Software user input can be made via touch panels or monitors into the system or operations can be visualized. Graphics can be assigned to interfaces and buttons so that there is no limit to the scope of design.

The creation of interfaces is done with the iSOperateDesigner Software. Thanks to its intuitive handling this visual editor allows the quick creation of interfaces and presentation for customers. Any number of pages and capsuled menus can be created and saved seperately for reuse. The interface can be displayed in a window or it can be optimized for touch screen applications, frameless and with hidden mouse cursor.

The software and all its functions can be controlled via the iSMaster S, iSMaster XL as well as the iSMaster software.



  • any nesting level depth
  • Pages
  • Panels
  • Button
  • Trackbar
  • Gauge
  • Grid
  • Listbox
  • Treeview
  • Label
  • Editbox
  • Password dialog
  • Combobox
  • Hidden button
  • Browser panel
  • IP camera panel
  • Video panel