The iSCPBerlin captivates with its simple appearance and contemporary design.
The three-line display dims to dark after an adjustable time of none use. Covered by a reflective Plexiglas surface the silver keys and the white frame can be complemented by a individual inlay. Being a common paper inlay it can come in many designs.

The menu structure of the display can be configured via PC software. That way the user can create a nested menu structure and define different item functionality. For example, simple toggle functionality (on/off) or sliding values to dim light or to adjust sound volume.

The display navigation is handled by five buttons (Home, Back, Select and Up/Down). In addition there are four key buttons and correspondent LEDs that can be indicated by the media control system for any purpose.
Up to 16 iSCPBerlin units can be cascaded via a RS-485 bus, or one unit can be operated at one RS-232 connection.



  • Controlpad with triple-spaced LCD display
  • Free menu configuation - up to 150 entries
  • 5 navigation keys (Home, Back, Selection and Up/Down)
  • 4 softkeys with LED
  • Individual surface design as inlay
  • Up to 16 units at one RS-485 bus pin
  • Gateway: RS-485, RS-232
  • Operating Voltage: 12V / 100mA
  • Cover (160 x 90)mm
  • Installation in standard joint box (e.g. Kaiser Art. Nr. 9062-02)