iSDMX is a PCI interface card of the media control for the light control protocol DMX-512. The interface is mounted on a free PCI slot at the media control or an arbitrary PC. Thus, the output and input of DMX-512 signals is accomplished via 5-terminal XLR-sockets. The included software contains many features to process the DMX-512 reference data. The functions are implemented as virtual components and can be freely linked and combined at will. This ranges from simple patching and merging of signals to recording and play back of entire DMX sequences. All these components can be controlled in their configurations and functions by the media control and therefore allow the ideal integration of light and show technics into the multimedia installation.



PCI interface card for light control protocol DMX-512

  • For iSMaster XL and iSClient
  • With 2 ports, optionally In or Out
  • For recording play back, patching, merging etc. of DMX-512 signals
  • Net weight: approx. 200 g