19“ 1U interface extension. Offers in network as extension to a control system all interfaces for a complete conference room.

iSIPIO is a 19“ interface extension for the media control and provides a multitude of different connections for input and output of signals. The interface is connected via a TCP/IP network with a media control or an arbitrary PC and therefore allows the input and output of signals for the rear connections.

The software supplied along allows the administration of single IPIO interfaces and at the same time forms the interface for the iSMaster. Additionally to the digital inputs, the relay contacts, the analogue in- and outputs and the infrared-interfaces the IPIO also comes with four unidirectional RS232 interfaces to control further peripherals.

In the inSynergie media control the functions of the iSIPIO are already supported. For other control systems or individual computer software a simple interface description is available.



  • 19“ 1U interface expansion unit

  • 10/100Mbit Ethernet
  • 4 x unidirectional RS-232
  • 8 optically isolated digital inputs
  • 8 relay changers max. 48V / 60W
  • 8 analog outputs 0-10V
  • 8 analog inputs 0-10V
  • 8 IR transmitters
  • 1 IR receiver
  • Connector for a 4 x 4 matrix keypad
  • Integrated HTML and Telnet server
  • Power consumption: 230V / 6W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
  • 483 x 44 x 140 mm
  • Net weight: approx. 1,1 kg