Switching by touch.

iSCapSens is evaluation electronics for capacitive surfaces.

iSCapSens measures the connected capacity of a metalplate and compares it to a saved threshold. When the connected capacity changes, e.g. due to an approaching hand, a signal is emitted. Thus, iSCapSens constitutes a contact-free switch. The threshold is freely adjustableso the switch can be adapted to all sizes and shapes of metal plates and free design choices are feasible. iSCapSens is everywhere assembled where individual surfaces are supposed be applied as contact-free switches. Via USB the interface is connected to the media control or an arbitrary PC.

The included software allows the administration of single IPIO interfaces and forms the connection to the iSMaster. In the inSynergie media control the functions of iSCapSens are already supported. A simple interface description is available for other control systems or individual PC software.



  • Power over USB (Bus-Powered 5V)
  • 2 sensor channels, adjustable switching threshold
  • 2 relay changers, individually configurable as potential-free closing-contact or with shared power supply
  • convenient communication via RS232 protocol