Single-cup Headphone


The iSHearo is a modern and robust single-cup headphone.
Speech, as well as music, are played back in a crystal
clear quality. The inSynergie product impresses with its simple design. Thus it can be integrated optically into every exhibition. The housing is available in solid-colored plastic (POM) or anodized aluminum.
Our cables are equipped with a metallic protective hose
made of stainless steel.
The magnetic wall mount provides a secure hold for the
handset. Via reed contact, it can be detected whether the handset has been picked up to start audio playback.
Optionally, the iSHearo is available with an embedded
switch to select the language.
The headphone is manufactured in our workshops,
please contact us if you have any special requests!



  • Material: plastic, dyed black
  • Height: 70 mm; Diameter: 53 - 73 mm
  • integrated reed contact with potential-free contact
  • 32ohm 0.5W speaker
  • incl. 2,5m textile connection cable 4x0,75qmm black
  • incl. magnetic wall bracket