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Professional Media Control

Short Description

The iSMaster S is the compact and all-purpose media control. Originally developed for application in conference rooms the iSMaster S comes with many multimedia features and sufficient interfaces for conventional media technology.

Example Applications

The best way to show the enormous versatility of the media control iSMaster S is with examples. Therefore projects are listet in the following that were realized as described or in a similiar way. The examples are simplified to avoid too complex explanations.

Common conference room

Via a touch screen all relevant functions can be operated. The beamer is switched on and possibly deployed from the ceiling, the respective light scene is called via EIB/KNZ, blinds and canvas are lowered. All of these can be optionally controlled individually or with one single button click.

The touch screen interface is developed with the inSynergie interface design software iSOperateDesigner individually for each project.

Speaking Time Display in Parliament

Via a screen (1) each party can be assigned a speaking time for the current sitting day. If a speaker is approaching the lectern, the sitting leader can choose the respective party so that the time is counted down (different input options under 2). The speaker can see his remaining speaking time on a LED display (3) on the lectern whereas the complete time of all speaks per party is presented on a large screen (4).

Video Routing in Court Room

Many courts have their documents already digitized. To avoid printing out documents for a trial, the possibility to view documents digital and share the current screen content with other trial participants was created. Thus, on the one hand the judges can show documents to each other and on the other hand experts and lawyers can share documents from their laptops with the judges. Of course, an involved person or judge can decide on their own if the screen is shared. Additionally, each view can be routet to a larger screen and a document camera can be embedded.

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The iSMaster S is the compact and all-purpose media control and offers sufficient interfaces for extensions. The network interface can be used for control tasks to the full extent

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