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Germany's largest science center experimenta has opened

On about 25,000 square meters, the experimenta in Heilbronn offers a Europe-wide unique world of knowledge and experience, making it Germany's largest science center.After less than four years of planning and construction, the Experimenta Science Center opened its doors to the public on March 31, 2019. Large and small visitors can now experience not only science and technology in a spectacular way in the futuristic new building and in the completely redesigned existing building.

The Discoverer Worlds are home to 275 interactive exhibits on four floors of the new building:
On level 1, the explorers world "StoffWechsel" opens a surprising view of everyday life and the environment. It shows what is behind the things and makes the invisible visible.
"KopfSachen" explains with exciting stations how complex and diverse people perceive the world with their senses and the "WeltBlick" level, how technology and science can be used to investigate and shape the world.
And in the four glass creative studios of the experimenta it means: try it out and create something new. For example, produce a cartoon, compose a piece of music or construct your own vehicle at the factory and assembly bank.
After all, the "Explorer Land" is a unique adventure playground that is experimented, fiddled and designed. Everywhere: experience creates knowledge.

The Adventure Worlds consist of Science Dome, Observatory and Experimental Theater. In the Science Dome, a world-class combination of planetarium and revolving auditorium theater, up to 150 spectators travel virtually in 3D through space or the human interior. Laser and experimental shows as well as specially designed science theater pieces complete the program. On the roof terrace are the observatory and powerful telescopes on four observation islands. Also located in the new building is the Experimental Theater, in which children up to the age of ten are given an entertaining and instructive presentation of scientific phenomena in specially developed show formats.Numerous possibilities are offered by the Researcher Worlds, which are housed in the completely redesigned existing building. Over 2,500 square meters of space await school classes and groups of eight well-equipped laboratories, an experimental kitchen and the Student Research Center North-W├╝rttemberg. For young creators, the Maker Space is conceived on the ground floor: Here young people and young adults find the space and the technical equipment to tinker, develop and design. A special format is the forum, where visitors can learn about the latest news from science and research and discuss the future.

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